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Get all the details to play French Roulette online

Like many French things, the roulette in France is also decadent and luxurious. With high payouts, it is a gambler's dream!

In a world of technological advancement, earning big bucks is not a big deal. Everybody can win big if they learn all the tricks of how to play French Roulette online.

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  1. Learn all the popular bets of French Roulette - A low house edge of 1.35% makes a lucrative deal. Some French lexicon that's thrown around the block is pair/impair, referring to even/odd. Also, 1 to 18 is known as manque, and 19 to 36 is passe.
  2. Learn how to place the right bet - From color-based bets to bets on numbers, there is a vast array to earn money while learning to play French Roulette online. Understanding and then assessing the bet according to the investment is the key here.
  3. Think before spinning - Many people jump right into the spinning part in the hustle and loses hefty sums. Be it offline or online, the key is patience.
  4. Planning the next move well in advance - It has the smoothest UX as all payouts, wins, bonuses, and losses are handled through AI, and all the player has to do is place bets and spin.

Rules of French Roulette

When it comes to details, the French love a bit of intricacy, and here on the spinning table, it's not an exception:

  • En Prison or la partage rules sets it apart from the other roulettes.
  • Here, zero matters a lot, especially in outside bets.
  • If the player has a la partage, then they have to share half of their outside bets and play with the remaining half.
  • In En Prison, if a zero comes in, then the player loses the bet.

Inside Bets: There are three types of inside bets Street Bet, Split Bet, and Straight bet.

In a straight bet, the player will have to choose a single number from the 36 offered. Split bet offers 18, from which the player will have to choose two. Similarly, in the street bet, the player gets to choose three from the 12 numbers.

Outside Bets: With markings in French, the player has an extensive choice from Column bet, Douzaine, or a dozen bet, Rouge/noir or Red/Black, odd/even or pair/impair, and Manque/passe.

Column bets ask the player to choose three columns, while in Douzaine, three columns of 12 numbers are selected from 12P, 12M, or 12D.

History of French Roulette

As the urban legend goes, French Roulette is the by-product of Blaise Pascal's 18th century failed experiment. He intended to create a consistent motion machine.

As the game grew popular in the gambling arena, it reached America. The Americanised version has more rules and playing tables. However, the French version still remains the OG in roulette, though later on, people grew a fondness for Russian and American roulettes.